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What we do 

We give children access to their birthright of education in the nature of mind, by making Dzogchen books for kids written by a confirmed Dzogchen lineage successor: Ziji Rinpoche. All the metaphors in the books come from our Lineage's timeless wisdom teachings, passed down from one teacher to another like a chain of golden mountains.

Mind not Mindfulness

Dzogchen is about seeing ourselves as perfect as we are, as well as our emotions! It isn't mindfulness where we try and replace negative thoughts by positive ones, instead through short moments of strong mind, we allow our thoughts and feelings to flow on by like a bird in the sky and extract the wisdom in each one.

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'Simple teachings on the nature of mind'


BeginningMind Collection

Through the BeginningMind books, 

kids learn how to relax in mind to be happy 

and act with kindness and deep wisdom. 

The texts are for the children and adults of today and are written by Ziji Rinpoche, Dzogchen lineage successor of Wangdor Rimpoche. The books are an introduction to the Dzogchen short moments meditation. They are filled with timeless wisdom metaphors and key instructions, which are great supports for practice. 

BeginningMind Hardbacks