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Where is Mind? (ebook)

Where is Mind? (ebook)


'Where is Mind?' gives children the experience of the nature of their own mind, source of wellbeing and peace, no matter the stormy feelings. 'Where is Mind?' is the first book of the BeginningMind Series, and an introduction to all our other books. Through playful questions, it introduces Dzogchen to children.

'Where is mind? Let's search together until we find the mind! Mind, where are you? I am looking for you! Is the mind in my eye? Is the mind in my knee?'

'Mind stands still like the sky. Thoughts and feelings are like a rainbow in the sky. Here the rainbow comes. Here the rainbow goes. The mind stands still like the sky'

The books are very simple teachings on the nature of mind. They keep it simple for us and for children. They really root the child in the nature of their own mind, in innate wisdom and in warm hearted compassion and collaboration.

'Children have all kinds of pressures bearing on them all the time, even in infancy, so to encourage strong mind from the beginning is essential! Through very simple metaphor, like: “Look at the stars at night. Did your mind go to the stars?” children know even before they can speak that the mind is vast, that it is not something contained in the brain or in their body.' - Author Ziji Rinpoche comments on ‘Where is Mind?’, 27 Feb 2021, Interview on Dzogchen for Kids with Lama Lena

‘Mind is invisible it cannot be hurt or crushed. All thoughts and feelings quickly disappear like a flash of lightning in the sky’ 

Through education in the Nature of Mind children learn how to relax in mind to be happy and act with kindness and deep wisdom.


  • Format

    • ebook
    • 32 pages
    • colourful illustrations
    • open on any screen or device
  • Book 1 of the BeginningMind Series

    Through the BeginningMind books, kids learn how to relax in mind to be happy and act with kindness and deep wisdom. The texts are for the children and adults of today and are written by Ziji Rinpoche, Dzogchen lineage successor of Wangdor Rimpoche. 

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