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We are always happy to see & hear from you. If you have read one of our Dzogchen books for kids, or heard the stories at a story telling event, we would love to hear how it was for you? Have you tried relaxing for short moments open like the sky, in your life? Has it helped your children? Which topics would you like the next books to be about? If you want to leave us feedback, ask a question or simply want to say hello, please use the contact form below.

Contact us here too, to book us for storytelling sessions. We offer storytelling for children accompanied by their parents at festivals. We visit schools to offer 'What is Mind?' sessions, in which children discover Ben Pot, Leo, Lucy Diamond and Baby Skye's adventures in the nature of mind. Through these Dzogchen classes, children learn how relaxing in mind for short moments many times can help with every challenge in life!


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