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My Sky-like Mind

We love to meet our readers and bring the books to life through storytelling with live music.

Through interactive stories, puppetry, songs and timeless wisdom metaphors, children discover what about them is always open and clear like the sky, their mind.


They learn how to transform stormy feelings into wisdom through following Rinpoche on his refugee journey over the Himalayas. (Rinpoche is the little bear in the picture)


The Wisdom Wand: How to Transform Emotions Into Wisdom

As Rinpoche encounters one stormy feeling after the next, the children help him to make use of the wisdom wand: and transform the stormy feelings into solutions, one moment at a time.

An unforgettable interactive experience accompanied with live music, where kids enter the shoes of the tibetan refugees and get to practice the on the fly meditation of short moments.


Kids still sing the catchy song that allows to find new solutions and perspectives in each situation: ‘relax for a short moment again and again’ many months later. 


Book Readings /


We offer

  • author visits and book readings in Schools

  • Dzogchen for Kids stories and songs at Festivals,

  • weekly online Dzogchen for Kids Classes.

Please contact us if you'd like to book a remote or in person book reading/storytelling for your setting. 


Below are

  • pictures and videos of past events.

  • tech requirements for online or on-site visits

  • testimonials

  • high res photos to download for programs at events.

Past Storytelling Events

What a visit includes

The sessions are based on our Dzogchen books for Kids and include:

  • an introduction to the on the fly meditation of short moments of strong mind.

  • interactive storytelling, engaging children to share their experience of stormy feelings and explore the choice to meditate for short moments. 

  • a perfect mix of stories with real life accounts of the practice and pure wisdom teachings, with prompts for discussion.

  • singing and melodies that go with the books and make key instructions memorable.

  • meeting 'Lucy Diamond' and other characters from the books in 3D!



"A hug for the soul. 
I learnt more here than in any other workshops I went to,
all were healing but this is the best."

— Audience member at Small World Solar Stage, 
Buddhafield Festival 2022

Happy Parent Media for Kids Reading at Wild and Well.JPG

Tech set-up for in-person visits

If the session is in person,

  • Seating: in semi circle or in rows, with children in parents lap

  • the author can hold the books by hand 

  • or for a large event: project the images on a wall (let us know if a projector is required)

  • The music can be acoustic or mic'ed up 

Contact with any questions

Tech set-up for online visits

For sessions on zoom: 

  • We will share the screen for the images of the ebooks to be seen or we will hold the physical books up (with mirror mode on for readability)

  • Please set up the camera so Celine can see all children, and if it is a big class, lovely to have Celine's screen projected on the wall


Interactive Stories

Through interactive stories, visuals from the books, songs and timeless wisdom metaphors, children discover what about them is always open and clear like the sky, their mind.


The sessions are humorous as we reflect on stormy feelings and life-changing in that one never forgets when they were pointed out their basic goodness!


We believe children have the birthright to have access to education in the nature of mind and it is a joy to provide this through books and stories.

DBS, Insurance, and Qualifications

The storytelling sessions are led by Celine Wright, the illustrator of the books and co-author of the Pearl Collection. She has a Dbs, up to date First Aid training and liability insurance covering her to conduct workshops with kids at schools and public events.

She has a BA in Fine Arts from Ecole Sup des Beaux Arts  (2002), a BA and MA in Devised Theatre from Dartington College of Arts (2005 & 2007). She is skilled at holding live site-specific performances. (Winner of Soundscape and Versatility Awards at NSDF 2006)

She is a registered childminder in the UK since 2009, loving and empowering kids and tweens aged 1-12.


She is a disciple of Ziji Rinpoche since 2007 and was invited to join the teacher training in 2018. She is a licensed 'Short Moments' and 'Short Moments for Kids' Trainer and her passion is to introduce the nature of mind through the Dzogchen teachings to the new generations. 




The shows can be accompanied by live music with long term students of Ziji Rinpoche Samantha Dingle and/or John Wright (on pic). The music can be amplified or acoustic. 

Samantha Dingle holds a Montessori teacher qualification, a DBS check and First Aid Qualification. She is a professional musician and song writer from the Sam and Henry duet. She wrote several of the Short Moments for Kids melodies like the 'Happy Lane or Whiny Lane' and the 'Find Mind' melody. 

John Wright is Celine's husband and childminding Assistant, he has experience running Kids Adventures Camps and as a replacement teacher bringing music to schools. He is the composer and singer at Massive Vibe Live! (lyrics by Ziji Rinpoche). He wrote the melodies for 'the Orange Solution' and performs the 'Always Open like Baby Skye' song

Hi-res Images

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