Book Readings

We offer

  • author visits and book readings at Festivals

  • introduction to Dzogchen for Kids in Schools,

  • weekly online Dzogchen for Kids Classes.

Please contact us if you'd like to book a remote or in person book reading for your setting. 


Below are

  • pictures and videos of past readings.

  • high res photos to download for programs at book reading events.

What a visit includes

The sessions are based on our Dzogchen books for Kids and include:

  • an introduction to the on the fly meditation of short moments of strong mind.

  • interactive storytelling, engaging children to share their experience of stormy feelings and explore the choice to meditate for short moments. 

  • a perfect mix of stories with real life accounts of the practice and pure wisdom teachings, with prompts for discussion.

  • singing and melodies that go with the books and make key instructions memorable.

  • meeting 'Lucy Diamond' and other characters from the books in 3D!

Happy Parent Media for Kids Reading at Wild and Well.JPG

Tech in Person

If the meeting is in person,

  • Seating: in semi circle, with children in parents lap

  • the author can hold the books by hand 

  • or for a large event : project the images on a wall (let us know if a projector is required)

Contact celine@shortmomentsforkids.com with any questions

Tech Online

For meetings on zoom: 

  • We will share the screen for the images of the ebooks to be seen or we will hold the physical books up (with mirror mode on for readability)

  • Please set up the camera so Celine can see all children, and if it is a big class, lovely to have Celine's screen projected on the wall