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Dzogchen for Kids ✨

At Short Moments for Kids we give children their birthright of education in the nature of mind by making Dzogchen books for Kids. We are committed to making media that 

- teaches children how to relax in mind to be happy and act with kindness and deep wisdom. 

- speaks about what goes on in children’s minds 

- ignites children's power to contribute beneficially with mind, speech, body, qualities and activities. 

- confirms children are perfect as they are. Dzogchen is complete confirmation of natural perfection.

- confirms all thoughts and emotions are perfect as they are.

- gives kids the tools to relax and face every day stormy feelings with solution focus and empowerment leading to mastery.

Now what are these tools? and where do they come from?

The heroes of the books practice short moments of strong mind to help them access ease, solutions and clear seeing when they encounter stormy feelings. The practice consists of relaxing in mind for short moments, open like the sky, again and again, until continuous. It is this introduction to the sky-like nature of mind which makes these books unique. Short moments is a practice of Dzogchen, a timeless wisdom practice.


Ben Pot, Leo, Lucy Diamond and Baby Skye show step by step how one can start to take short moments, one at a time, repeated again and again in the face of all kinds of situations, until we become open, stable, compassionate and wise decision-makers all of the time!

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The Illustrator: Celine Wright🎨

Celine loves to draw, empower children and tell stories.

When she was introduced to the nature of mind by Ziji Rinpoche in 2007, she was awestruck at the power of mind, open like the sky, always clear and wise no matter the stormy feelings.

Curious to know about her mind since she was a child, she was inspired to illustrate the teachings in children’s books introducing strong mind to children, and co-founded

Combining her passions in Fine Arts (BA), Performing Arts (MA), Dzogchen (Student of Ziji Rinpoche since 2007), and Early Years (Childminder), Celine now teaches Dzogchen for Kids, holds storytelling sessions in schools and festivals and supports adults and parents to rely on the power of their strong loving mind at


The Author: Ziji Rinpoche and her Teacher Wangdor Rinpoche🙏

The author of the BeginningMind Series and co-author of the Pearl Collection, Ziji Rinpoche loves to teach and write and her latest book is called ‘When Surfing a Tsunami...
Ziji Rinpoche is the Dzogchen Lineage successor of Venerable Wangdor Rimpoche. 

Each metaphor and key instruction originate from Dzogchen teachings which are passed down from one teacher to another, like a chain of golden mountains.


Wangdor Rimpoche asked Ziji Rinpoche to bring about the furtherance of Dzogchen within contemporary global culture.


Ziji Rinpoche established the Short Moments online community for mutual support in gaining familiarity with the nature of mind.


Through the Short Moments app, anyone can access profound and powerful Dzogchen teachings.

Find out more on

It is an honour to be able to bring these timeless wisdom teachings to a new generation of precious human beings!

Books in response to Children

The Pearl Collection books, published in 2018 are relatable stories, which recount children's experience of relaxing for short moments of strong mind in different life situations. They are based on the metaphors used by Rinpoche when teaching and the benefits that children found by practicing the direct introduction to the nature of mind. For example a 3 year old boy after learning to relax for short moments in the face of stormy feelings said: 'I did it! I relaxed for a short moment and I didn't squish my friend!' This sentence inspired and is in the book Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings. 


The BeginningMind Books came about in 2019 in response to the Short Moments for Kids Community of children.

Rinpoche sends over texts to read to the children and they develop the books with us, by writing parts of them.

Since 2021, we meet weekly on Zoom with the children from the Short Moments for Kids community for Dzogchen Classes for Kids. The children read the books, sing the songs and respond and contribute ideas for the new books in the series! 

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