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Dzogchen books for kids: See a preview of our BeginningMind books, introducing Dzogchen to kids in the slideshow above.
The BeginningMind Series: Through the BeginningMind books, kids learn how to relax in mind to be happy and act with kindness and deep wisdom. The texts are for the children and adults of today and are written by Ziji Rinpoche, Dzogchen lineage successor of Wangdor Rimpoche. 

Child_with-4 BeginningMind_books_1200_edited.jpg

The book titles already published:

#1- Where is Mind? (gives children the experience of the nature of mind- an introduction to all our other books)

#2- Strong Mind (learn to rely on strong mind with stormy feelings)

#3- Find Mind (an introduction to meditation and short moments of strong mind)

#5- Rest is Best! (an ode to self love which births compassion for all)


Coming in 2023:

#4- Kind Mind (about how we use our strong body, strong mind and strong words to help)




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