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Strong Mind (ebook)

Strong Mind (ebook)


'Strong Mind' is the second book of the BeginningMind Series. Through playful questions, it confirms the power of our own strong loving mind.


'Can birds tell the sky what to do?

No! Birds cannot tell the sky what to do.

And thoughts and feelings cannot tell our mind what to do.

Our thoughts and feelings fly on by like a bird in the sky, they leave no trace.'


Through recognising the fleeting nature of their thoughts and feelings, children learn how to tap into their innate wisdom and compassion. 


'Mind is kind. Mind is loving. Mind is always strong and smart. When we rely on strong mind our kindness and powerful energy grow.'


Written by Ziji Rinpoche, Strong Mind is an introduction to Dzogchen for Kids. 

  • Format

    • Ebook
    • pdf
    • 30 pages
    • Colourful illustrations
  • Book 2 of the BeginningMind Series

    Through the BeginningMind books, kids learn how to relax in mind to be happy and act with kindness and deep wisdom. The texts are for the children and adults of today and are written by Ziji Rinpoche, Dzogchen lineage successor of Wangdor Rimpoche. 

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