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Pearl collection (3 Paperback books)

Pearl collection (3 Paperback books)

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Get the whole Pearl collection :-) Books that introduce to ☀️the nature of mind, 🌟give tools to relax and rest during 🌩Stormy Feelings! The key points and instructions in the stories all originate from Ziji Rinpoche’s teachings, they help kids relax in mind to make wise decisions and use their 🌈body, mind, speech, qualities and activities to be helpful, kind and of benefit to all!


What you will receive: 'Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings' and 'Lucy's Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane' and 'Leo, Lucy and the Orange Solution' in paperback format by post.


Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings 

Ben Pot has lots of feelings, ☀️ sunny, 🌩 stormy, changing each moment like weather in the sky! Sometimes the Stormy Feelings compel him to hit his friends.


With Claire's support, Ben Pot discovers the magic tool: short moments of strong mind, which helps him to relax in the midst of stormy feelings instead of acting on impulse. He can get along much better with his friends!


Lucy’s Choice - Happy Lane or Whiny Lane?

addresses what to do when things don’t go our way. Do we collapse into complaining and whining about everything? How does that feel? The book shows how Lucy, after not getting a cookie, explores both whiny lane and happy lane, and discovers that when she relaxes for 'short moments, repeated many times until continuous' - a Dzogchen pith instruction, it feels much nicer! To her surprise, she realises she is fine and can see solutions!


Leo, Lucy and the Orange Solution

What to do when two children want the same toy?


Does snatching or settling for a compromise bring true fulfilment? Leo and Lucy relax with their stormy feelings and discover the key to problem solving: listening.

This brings solutions they didn’t consider where everyone wins!


The story illustrates one such a win-win solution, of the two children who wanted a single orange.

An iconic story that stays in the mind and can be referred back to, to help shift from problem focus to solution focus!