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Pearl Collection Ebooks and Songs

Pearl Collection Ebooks and Songs


Get the whole Pearl collection :-) Ebooks and songs that introduce to ☀️the nature of mind and 🌟give tools to relax and rest during 🌩stormy feelings.

 The key points and instructions in the stories all originate from Ziji Rinpoche’s teachings, they help kids relax in mind to make wise decisions and use their 🌈body, mind, speech, qualities and activities to be helpful, kind and of benefit to all!


What you will receive:

Ebook and Song for 'Always Open like Baby Skye' and 'Lucy's Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane?'

Ebook for 'Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings' and 'Leo gets Burnt but the Sky doesnt Fall Down' 

  • Short Moments for Kids

    Our Dzogchen books for kids give kids the tools to relax and face every day stormy feelings with solution focus and empowerment leading to mastery. They empower children to know their own wellbeing in all circumstances and ignite their power to contribute beneficially with mind, speech, body, qualities and activities. 

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