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Lucy's Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane (ebook)

Lucy's Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane (ebook)


Lucy’s Choice - Happy Lane or Whiny Lane? addresses what to do when things don’t go our way. Do we collapse into complaining and whining about everything? How does that feel? The book shows how Lucy explores all paths, and discovers that when she relaxes for 'short moments, repeated many times until continuous' - a Dzogchen pith instruction, it feels much nicer!

To her surprise, she realises she is fine and can see solutions! She can be happy even if things don’t go her way! This is a children’s favourite and comes with an mp3 song which is at the heart of the story. You can also listen to the song here

This book was written by Celine Wright and Ziji Rinpoche. 

  • Short Moments for Kids

    Our Dzogchen books for kids give kids the tools to relax and face every day stormy feelings with solution focus and empowerment leading to mastery. They empower children to know their own wellbeing in all circumstances and ignite their power to contribute beneficially with mind, speech, body, qualities and activities. 


    This is an ebook, in pdf format

    It has 32 pages, perfect to read on the phone, tablet or computer 

    Listen to the song that goes with the book here

  • Benefits for children

    • Supports children to rely on their strong mind in the face of stormy feelings and choose to relax rather than emphasize stormy feelings
    • Gives clear example on how to expand our view when faced with disappointment, and how to move on with clarity 
    • Helps to switch from problem focus to solution focus
    • Supports emotional wellbeing
    • Supports ability to problem solve
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