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Always Open like Baby Skye

Always Open like Baby Skye

PriceFrom £5.99

Always Open like Baby Skye is baby's first baby book about feelings like weather in the sky! Like all babies, Baby Skye has all kinds of feelings, sometimes she is happy, sometimes she is sad. By relaxing and letting the feelings flow on by Baby Skye finds she is always fine and open like the sky, no matter what feelings flow on by! It also comes with a melody so you can sing the text of the book as a lullaby to your children!


When starting to talk, 2 year olds often pick the book up and sing the melody whilst turning the pages on their own. 'The books are relevant for everyone they’re not just for children. They’re great essential tips for practice. If you want to just have a short read, pick up the Baby Book for 0 to 2 year olds. Short moments is simple and it’s the direct route to enlightenment, it really is.’ -- Ziji Rinpoche, co-author

  • Benefits for Children

    • Confirms the child is naturally perfect no matter what they feel
    • Normalises all emotions
    • Supports emotional wellbeing and stability
    • Provides key tools for adult and child to relax
    • Bright colours and simple drawings suited for babies
    • Written in rhymes and can be sung to soothe baby when they cry
    • Perfect first book for older children when learning to read
  • Product Information

    The baby board book is made of thick chewable cardboard. 

    It has bright colours which is appealing for baby and is simply written in rhymes, so it is nice to read or sing!

    It is 5.5x5.5 inch, a friendly format for baby to hold.

    It also comes with an mp3 song, which you can sing to your baby as you read!


    The ebook is a pdf format, it can be projected on the wall. 

    It comes with an mp3 song which you can sing to your baby as you read!

  • Short Moments for Kids

    Our Dzogchen books for babies empower babies to know their own wellbeing in all circumstances. They give them complete confirmation of natural perfection and ignite their power to contribute beneficially with mind, speech, body, qualities and activities. 

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