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When you meditate in short moments, like flowers spread in a field, your happiness, kindness and...

...strength spread everywhere.' Author Ziji Rinpoche founder of the Short Moments Teaching comments on Find Mind: book #3 of the BeginningMind series, to be pre-released this month.

‘Happiness and kindness are like flowers in a field. When you meditate in short moments repeated many times, like flowers spread in a field, your happiness and kindness and strength spread everywhere´ -Excerpt from Find Mind

‘These are not intellectual processes at all. What occurs is that in connecting the child with strong mind, the child benefits and we benefit. We teach our own experience and our own direct realisation grows stronger and stronger. Our direct realisation of the view: open intelligence, dharmakaya, awareness, whatever it might be.'

Girl, 7 years old learning meditation through reading 'Find Mind'
Reading 'Find Mind' and learning meditation at 7

'When we are introduced to the view, then we have that opportunity of short moments repeated many times. In this profound meditation what occurs is that children - our children, and then us as well, we grow in innate wisdom.’

- Ziji Rinpoche, 27 Feb 2021, Interview on Dzogchen for Kids with Lama Lena

Our new book Find Mind, is an introduction to meditation for children.

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At Short Moments for Kids, our mission is to give children their birthright of education in the nature of mind by making Dzogchen books for Kids.

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