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‘Mind is bright and relaxed’ - Ziji Rinpoche comments on Rest is Best!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

To celebrate the publication this month of Rest is Best! - we are releasing snippets of author Ziji Rinpoche commenting on a few pages of this book at a time. ❤️🙏❤️

‘Like the sun makes the day shine, resting the mind makes the mind bright and relaxed’

‘So simple. When we rest our mind maybe initially we don’t have the shine of mind obvious. However when we rest the mind for short moments, the shine of mind becomes more and more obvious and the idea that we are a separate self that is doing something resolves. It is outshone in wisdom, in open intelligence and love, in compassion, in collaboration and benefit. The mind is always shining. It might not be obvious at first.‘ - Ziji Rinpoche, commenting on Rest is Best! - in interview with Lama Lena, on Dzogchen for Kids, 27 Feb 2021



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