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There are so many feelings other than happy!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Teaching children emotional literacy through naming feelings really helps kids to normalise all feelings are ok to have!

Simply normalising the feelings opens a permission field where all human experience is welcome as it is.

In our Dzogchen book for kids Rest is Best! there are two double pages where all the types of feelings can be recognised.

Hear Rinpoche commenting on how there are ‘so many feelings other than happy’ in the video interview below:

To bring the book alive in your home, pretend to make the faces of each feeling with your children and ask them if they ever had this or that feeling!

Recognising feelings is then closely followed in the book, by key instructions on how to rest open like the sky and let all feelings flow on by!

When we know ourselves as the vastness of mind itself; so spacious and open, it is much less scary to allow feelings to flow on by.

Through relaxing as they are, children know they are safe to feel it all. From the vantage of vast mind, they find peace of mind, self love and compassion when feelings stir.

Thank you to author Ziji Rinpoche for profound teachings accessible at all ages!


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