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'My feelings fly on by like a bird in the sky’ - Ziji Rinpoche comments on Rest is Best!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Author Ziji Rinpoche founder of the Short Moments Teaching comments on Rest is Best! book #5 of the BeginningMind series, to be released this month of October 2021.

The metaphors in our Dzogchen books for kids were passed down from one teacher to another like a chain of golden mountains. Our lineage is called Dzogchen and it passed from Dudjom Rinpoche and Thuksey Rinpoche to Wangdor Rinpoche and then to Ziji Rinpoche.

´I can always feel happy when I rest my mind. When I rest my mind it feels big as the sky. Then my feelings fly on by like a bird in the sky.’

- ´When a bird flies through the sky, it leaves no trace. It spontaneously disappears on the horizon or out of the field of view. Similarly all the points of view spontaneously self release in the view.´ - Ziji Rinpoche commenting on pages of ´Rest is Best!’, Interview on Dzogchen for Kids with Lama Lena @lamalenateachings on 27 Feb 2021

Through learning about the fleeting nature of their thoughts and emotions, children learn to get acquainted with mind itself in which each thought self releases, like a bird in the sky. When allowing all feelings to fly on by, children access wellbeing, happiness and learn to tap into their innate peace and wisdom to know what to do and how to act in each situation.



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