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Dzogchen for Kids - warm hearted compassion and collaboration

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Here’s an excerpt from Ziji Rinpoche’s teaching on Dzogchen for Kids on 27th February 2021, where she comments on pages from the book ‘Strong Mind’ and other books from our new BeginningMind Series.

We will be editing the footage and sharing more inspiring snippets and excerpts over the coming weeks :-) watch this space!

‘Mind is kind. Mind is naturally kind without trying to make it kind. Mind is always calm and strong. By relaxing in mind your kindness grows like a tree’ - Strong Mind, Book #2 of the BeginningMind series, written by Ziji Rinpoche.

‘I must admit many adults love these books too because the books are very simple teachings on the nature of mind. The books keep it simple for us and for children, they really root the child in the nature of their own mind, in innate wisdom and in warm hearted compassion and collaboration. Children come to see everyone as part of the Sangha. Everyone is the essence of mind.’

Go here for another excerpt of Rinpoche's talk on Dzogchen for Kids, to browse our Dzogchen books for kids go to our bookstore here.

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