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Dzogchen for Kids - live public talk Sat 27 Feb

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Rinpoche gave a live talk on Dzogchen for kids on the 27 February 2021. Ziji Rinpoche is a Dzogchen Lineage Successor of Venerable Wangdor Rimpoche. She has been teaching adults how to give children the tools to relax and face every day stormy feelings with solution focus and empowerment leading to mastery. She is the author of our Dzogchen books for kids.

How would it be if from the beginning of life, we were taught that our mind is vast like the sky, and that we can relax as mind itself, to find our peace zone, source of comfort and ease in all situations?

Mind education is simple yet profound, and very relatable for little ones, who already know their stormy feelings flow on by like a bird in the sky leaving no trace!

As a baby we already live as spontaneous presence, and as the great cheer of everything as it is.

To receive a complete confirmation of our natural perfection, through Dzogchen teachings for Kids, is a blessing for children.

You can hear more, directly from Rinpoche as she is a guest of Lama Lena and speaks more of Dzogchen for the younger generation!

We will be posting excerpts from the interview in the section of this blog called Ziji Rinpoche on BeginningMind.

Browse through the BeginningMind books here.

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