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'A hug for the soul' - Dzogchen for Kids at Small World Solar Stage

A hug for the soul’ - was what a lady said after our ‘Dzogchen for kids (and adults ;-)´ show at Small World Solar Stage, at Buddhafield Festival, July 2022.

Presenting Ziji Rinpoche’s introduction to the nature of the mind through stories and songs at Small World was one of the highlights from being at the festival. 💗🙏💗

Kids spontaneously hugged themselves as prompted by the reading of the book Rest is Best!

‘I am very kind to myself. I can even give myself a hug! - Kind to my body. Kind to my mind. Kind in my words. Rest my body. Rest my mind. Rest my words. So Kind!

Here’s a few pics of the team, and the beautiful adults and children there. One boy came to nearly all of our shows during the festival and sat right at the front, requesting which story we could read next! He said he wanted to learn the song in the 'Happy Lane or Whiny Lane' book, to help him when he has stormy feelings. 💗🙏💗

We were very moved to be able to introduce many new children to the effortless meditation of short moments of strong mind, which will help them access peace and stability of mind in every circumstance.

Here's a little video of the ‘Sometimes I am happy and sometimes I am sad’ lullaby. Listening to the lyrics and the music and participating in the miming evokes the experience of our mind - open like the sky. The lyrics are based on the metaphors in Ziji Rinpoche’s Short Moments teachings.

At the end of the song, children reflected on the fleeting nature of stormy feelings: 'Do stormy feelings stay forever?'' - No! they go away!' We believe speaking and normalising stormy feelings helps children relax and know they are perfect as they are, and it is ok to experience all the range of emotions.

We came straight from the festival to the Summer Gathering with Ziji Rinpoche and are delighted to further our infinite learning of Dzogchen, through her teachings and evocations, a living Buddha. 💕🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽💕 Our hearts are warmed up from the welcome we got at Buddhafield festival and the connections we made. We look forward to coming next year.

We are now getting ready to bring our Dzogchen for Kids show to the next festival which will be All About Love festival.

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