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Storytelling at Schools and Festivals

We’ve got an exciting line up of events for the coming months introducing children to the nature of mind through playful and interactive storytelling.

22nd May: we’ll stream in to Erasmus Primary School to meet the Philosophy Class

13th July - we’ll be offering Dzogchen for Kids again this year in the storytelling tent in the Kids Field, at ‘Buddhafield Festival

4th August - we’ll be offering storytelling in the Conscious Kids field at ‘All about Love’ festival in the mornings and speak to adults about the nature of mind in the ‘Children’s Fire’ tipi in the afternoon.

It is a delight to share Ziji Rinpoche’s teachings in these different settings. When someone gets to know the nature of their mind they discover what is always at peace and ok in themselves, and how to tap in to it whenever they need to. It is a gift that keeps on giving.

Please come and say hello if you are at the festivals. We will update you on how it goes!

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