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Dzogchen for Kids - St Werburgh's Community Centre, Christmas Market 2021

We were so touched that the staff at the Community Center set up a whole room for our story time. It was a calm sanctuary for the children, set aside from the hustle and bustle of the market.

Here's a video of when we sang the ‘Always Open like Baby Skye’ lullaby, based on the metaphors used by Ziji Rinpoche when teaching.

For children to learn from a young age that they are more spacious than just the stormy feelings they experience - what a rare occasion, what a joy! Our mind is vast like the sky!

It was lovely to see the children interact and embody the whole range of feelings and emotions, normalising each one, and learning about how to rest their minds whilst the emotions shine and disappear like a rainbow in the sky 💓🙏💓

Many children came to browse through the books at our stall after the stories. They especially wanted to hold the 'Smiley Sun' which features in the books too :-)

'Like the sun, makes the day shine, resting the mind, makes the mind bright and relaxed'- Rest is Best, Ziji Rinpoche

Find out more about our storytelling events here

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