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Where is Mind? What is Mind?

Where is Mind? What is Mind? Who ever asks these questions? We can go all of life without thinking about it, and then we die, and if we are lucky, people from the care hospice might suddenly encourage us to turn to any practice relating to the nature of mind that we’ve had... Ok! so it might be important to think about it now.

First of all, What is mind?

To know the answer to that question, stop thinking just for a moment.


What remains? A sense of alertness and cognisance, remains. A vividness and openness open like a cloudless sky.

This is mind. This is your strong and kind mind. This is you!

Now when thoughts and feelings start to appear again they appear in, as and through mind itself.

Like the color blue is inseparable from the sky, thoughts and feelings are inseparable from mind. 🌬

Like a breeze stirs in air, and is the dynamic energy of air, thoughts and feelings are the dynamic energy of mind itself.

So even if you have a really stormy feeling, you can relax and at it’s essence, here it is: the clarity and brightness of your own mind.

What is looking, what is sensing, what is feeling.. it’s the nature of your own mind. Always open and clear like the sky. Always ok and strong, unscratched and indestructible.

So if mind is indivisible from everything we think or feel:

Where is mind? 🤔

In ‘Where is Mind?’ the newest children’s book written by Rinpoche on Julia Gold’s head, it says: ‘Is the mind in my tummy? Is the mind in my head? Mind is right here!’

Today I’m grateful to reflect on how mind is right here in each thought, emotion, perception, it is you! It is me!

When I die I’ll be relaxing in mind and as vast, kind and strong mind itself. I know it will take care of things. So when we said that the books were not only for children?

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