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How to teach compassion to little ones?

In my experience, compassion comes naturally from practice. We need to feel our own hurt to not hurt others. We need to know what supports us to be able to support others.

Since I was a child I wanted to know how others felt! As I wasn’t in other peoples skinsuit I felt I could never know how others felt and how to support them.

However when I was introduced to the nature of mind, and started relaxing in short moments as strong and kind mind, naturally I let my stormy feelings flow on by. I saw I was ok even in the midst of stormy feelings!

I became so intimate with myself and because I started to know what makes me tick, I also started to know what makes everyone tick. What a delight it was at first to discover compassion for others!

It isn’t the feeling of feeling pity for others, but it is allowing my own suffering to be, and seeing that in the midst of it, I am ok!

Mind is unscratched, indestructible, open like the sky, no matter what stormy feelings flow on by. Seeing that all stormy feelings appear, and resolve leaving no trace, brought such a relief!

I felt sad that others didn’t know they can also relax and find this vast pool of peace and okayness in their own experience. This motivated me to want to share about strong mind with others who are interested. And it motivated me to practice, to find my own peace zone and bring this with me when I am with others, simply by resting naturally without doing anything.

I see that this is how children’s compassion grows too. Naturally by relaxing in mind their kindness and compassion grows like a tree. It is a very natural blossoming. We need to feel our own hurt to not hurt others. We need to know what supports us to be able to support others.

Teaching the nature of mind to children brings about a more compassionate world!

Excerpt from 'Rest is Best!' written by Candice Rinpoche ‘ I am always very strong and happy even when other people are not.

I can show other kids and adults too how to be happy.

I rest my mind. I feel happy.

I am all happy. I feel so good.

When I rest my mind I am very kind to myself’

Blog post written by Celine Wright,

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