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'Short moments' reminder through song and repetition

We are excited to have launched a new YouTube channel where we will post songs from the books, excerpts of videos by Rinpoche on Dzogchen for Kids and read aloud of the books in different languages too.

The key instruction referred to as the magic tool or the secret door in our Dzogchen books for kids is to 'relax in mind for short moments, repeated many times, until continuous'.

Short Moments of meditation helps to find comfort, ease, peace, and clear seeing in the middle of stormy feelings!

In the book 'Lucy's Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane?' the key instruction appears in the form of a song. Children often ask to hear it again and again until they can sing it themselves.

Subscribe to our channel on YouTube to listen to the Happy Lane and Whiny Lane song and be updated when more songs and videobooks are posted.

The lyrics in Lucy Diamond’s song were written by Candice Rinpoche, the illustrations are by Celine Wright and the melody was composed and is sang by Samantha Dingle.

You can order Lucy Diamond’s book as an ebook on our online store here

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