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How to make a mindfulness corner

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Many parents and schools today see the benefits of creating a mindfulness corner, a calm and peaceful zone for their little ones to relax in. But what to put in it?

What about

  • a soft cuddly Buddha,

  • a cosy chair or cushions,

  • use material to create a den type of space where your child can feel safe, private and cosy,

  • a chart of all emotions,

  • a sand timer to look at whilst sitting quietly,

  • books about feelings, meditation, that your child can pick and read on their own.

The baby board book ‘Always open like Baby Skye’ introduces to a timeless meditation that can be practiced at all ages.

After reading the story and singing the melody with an adult, little ones love to pick up the book on their own and turn the pages.

Simple pictures show how sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. It normalises that all emotions are perfect as they are, like weather in the sky and that we can relax, for short moments, open like the sky.

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