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FREE EBOOK - Lucy’s Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane?

Today Friday 11th and Sat 12th Nov, you can download 'Lucy’s Choice: Happy Lane or Whiny Lane?' as an ebook for free on Amazon in your own marketplace. The story addresses what to do when things don’t go our way.. We can collapse into misery and complaining but how does that feel?

Lucy’s story supports children to see they have a choice and can choose to relax even in the midst of disappointment. This is like going through a secret door where we see we are ok even if we didn’t get that cookie!

From this relaxed vantage, it is so much easier to see clearly and find solutions. This book comes with a song which is a children’s favorite. Download the ebook and read it for yourself or for a little one in your life! You’re welcome to leave a review to help other families discover the secret door!

Free on Amazon today and tomorrow

Get the paperback copy and the song below

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