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Find Mind #1 Best Seller alongside Dalai Lama

We discovered today that Find Mind is #1 Best Seller for new releases in Children's Buddhism Books alongside the Dalai Lama! We were thrilled to see it launching with such a perfect boom!

Find Mind, is an introduction to meditation and short moments of strong mind, written by Ziji Rinpoche.

It introduces meditation in an evocative and playful way.

You'll find the book here:

and here:

If you are elsewhere in the world, search for 'Find Mind' by Ziji Rinpoche in your marketplace to order the book. Or you can order from our website here:

If you'd like to receive the Find Mind ebook for FREE in exchange for a review on Amazon, join our Launch Team here!

Thank you for your support bringing education of the nature of mind to the children of today!

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