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Gifting books in Ukrainian for refugees

Katy, a member of the Short Moments community, from Mariupol felt moved to 'translate the children's books to Ukrainian as a very powerful opportunity to support children in Ukraine' . The translations are now complete and we have started the design process. We're now looking into options to print and distribute the books.

We see that gifting books in refugees' native language is very important for children for whom everything has changed. Through the BeginningMind books, children and parents can get to know their strong mind, that cannot be hurt or crushed.

We are looking into collaborating with Book Without Borders, which helps Ukrainians to receive books in native language overseas, in the places of relocation in the EU and inside Ukraine. The project is supported by Ukrainian First Lady.

We are also looking into fundraising to self publish a few hundred copies to donate. Please be in touch if you have any contacts or ideas.

Lots of love from the

Short Moments for Kids team <3

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