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Dzogchen for Kids - Ziji Rinpoche comments on 'Where is Mind?'

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Here’s an excerpt from Ziji Rinpoche’s teaching on Dzogchen for Kids on 27th February 2021, where she comments on pages from the book ‘Where is Mind?’ from our new BeginningMind Series.

Transcript: 'On the first page of ‘Where is Mind?’

"Look outside. Did your mind go outside? Look at the stars at night. Did your mind go to the stars?'"- 'Children relate to this. They see that, when they look outside, they can see that their mind really did go outside. And that their mind might be larger than what has been reflected to them by the ordinary world.'

'Children have all kinds of pressures bearing on them all the time, even in infancy, so to encourage strong mind from the beginning is essential! for children to see through very simple metaphor, like: "Look at the stars at night. Did your mind go to the stars?'" Children know even before they can speak that the mind is vast, that it is not something contained in the brain or in their body.'

'Here children are sitting watching traffic on the freeway.

“Look at the cars and trucks speeding on the highway. Did your mind go to the cars and trucks?“ - And all children have said yes so far. The mind did go to the cars and trucks.

“Did the mind get crushed by the speeding cars and trucks?“ - This is usually a moment of pause for children. My mind went to the speeding cars and trucks but nothing happened; my mind wasn’t altered by the speeding cars and trucks.

“No! The mind cannot be hurt or disturbed by anything! Mind is invisible and it cannot be hurt or crushed.” That is a great teaching: "Mind is invisible and it cannot be hurt or crushed." - Ziji Rinpoche, 27th Feb 2021, talk on Dzogchen for Kids - interview with Lama Lena

You will find ‘Where is Mind?’ the first book of the BeginningMind Series, written by Ziji Rinpoche in hardback, paperback or in ebook format here.

For more excerpts and transcripts from Rinpoche's Dzogchen teaching for Kids go here.

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