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'Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings' Readaloud

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Ben Pot has lots of feelings: sunny, stormy, changing each moment like weather in the sky! Sometimes the stormy feelings compel him to hit his friends. With Claire's support, Ben Pot discovers the magic tool: short moments of strong mind,which helps him to relax in the midst of stormy feelings instead of acting on impulse. He can get along much better with his friends!

Here Willow (9) and Celine are reading the ebook out loud for you!

  • The conversations between Ben Pot and Claire are directly inspired by children’s direct experience of testing the magic tool of short moments of strong mind in their life, and enjoying the benefits.

  • A great book to reassure kids it is perfect to feel all the range of feelings.

  • Gives kids direct implementable tools to relax with their wild and wonderful mind stream and show up in an empowered way!

  • Contains prompts to encourage your children to share their stormy feelings and reflect on how they could too relax in mind for short moments, when they arise.

Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings is a direct introduction to Dzogchen meditation and the practice of the nature of mind co-written by Candice Rinpoche, Dzogchen Lineage Successor of Wangdor Rinpoche.

- Order Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings in paperback

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