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Ben Pot’s story book

What should Ben Pot do when he has stormy feelings, that compel him to hit his friends? Is he a bad boy for having stormy feelings? Of course not! 

☀️ Should he try and have sunny feelings instead of stormy feelings? He tried that… but in Ben Pot's mind, it is like the sky, all kinds of feelings flow through, 🌩️ stormy feelings and ☀️ sunny feelings! It is impossible to control them! 

🌩️ Should he follow after the stormy feeling and hurt his friends and little sister? He did that once and it made his sister very upset and him too 😢


Ben Pot comes to a point where he is fed up of not being able to choose wisely how to act, there must be another way to use his mind!

Claire shares lovingly with him that he is perfect as he is and everyone has stormy feelings! She introduces him to an ancient wisdom practice, from the Dzogchen Lineage, the✨magic tool✨: resting for short moments, open like the sky, again and again, letting all feelings and thoughts be as they are! What? Is it really possible to let stormy feelings be as they are?


It is the beginning of Ben Pot’s adventure in discovering the sky-like nature of mind!

This is what is so unique about this children's book - it provides an introduction to the nature of mind, open intelligence and practical tools to be able to act wisely! 

The results of clear seeing, compassion, openness are immediate. It can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone. The books were written and illustrated by childminder Celine Wright and in close collaboration with and based on the teachings, empowerments and transmissions given by Candice Rinpoche, Dzogchen Lineage Successor of Wangdor Rinpoche, and founder of the Short Moments community.


With the magic tool✨short moments ✨of Strong Mind, Ben Pot can navigate through life harmoniously even when he has very stormy feelings!


Enjoy Ben Pot's full story, and other adventures in the nature of mind, with his friends Leo, Lucy Diamond and his sister Baby Skye on our online store here

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