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About Me.

Hello my name is Celine Wright, aka Leeny Dakini. My passion is performance art since I was 8 years old in 1988. I studied BA Fine Arts in France, BA and MA Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, UK. I co-founded a performance collective during those years: The Solvents. We made Dance Theatre shows that aimed to solve problems by dissolving them. We toured and won awards and then broke up in 2007. I was heartbroken, I dived deep into Butoh and its dance of impermanence. Then a magical thing occurred: Dzogchen came into my life, the practice of the nature of mind. It revolutionised everything. I discovered a happiness and wellness that was indestructible, my compassionate heart was born, and I wanted others to know about this gem. I started making shows about eliciting the nature of mind. Solo dance theatre pieces, directed pieces, site specific pieces for adults and for kids.


I've worked with children all my life as I feed off their playfulness. In 2018, I co-founded Short Moments for Kids which makes storybooks and puppetry shows teaching kids to rest with their stormy feelings and how to know themselves as their sky-like mind. I longed for more ritual magic and wove it more and more in my life. Then I trained as a Krama Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. I am now organising coming of age retreats for 12-14 year olds, 'Budding Dakinis', and holding yoga classes for women, 'Vajra Yoginis'.


I served as a band manager for my husband's band Massive Vibe, empowerment through music,  during our India Tours (2015-2019) and now during our UK Summer Festival Tours. I am currently developing the Wisdom Dakinis Walkabouts, The Dakinis are all practitioners of the nature of mind, and naturally embody enlightened energy. At the festivals, they dress up as Wisdom Dakinis, whispering teachings and preparing people through interactive play and tailored ceremony to be ready to get their emotions transformed into wisdom, during the Massive Vibe show.

Performance Work and Directing

Mahasiddha Listening Parties

Director of Ceremony, Dancer, Massive Vibe Dakinis @ Malborough Mansion (February 17 & 24, 2024)














The Last Egg Solo Performance

@Massive Vibe Stage / LoveJam Festival (Sept 7, 2023)

@Short Moments Center Sweden, Spring Gathering (April 9, 2023)

@Bouffon and Grotesque Workshop with Bim Mason ~ WIP (March 2023)

@Scale Open Stage, The Yard, Bristol ~ Scratch Performance (Dec 2022)


Model work for JC Cashmere

@Goa, India, Dec 2019


Magical Mystery Tour, Director of Site Specific Walkabout Performances evoking the nature of mind and freedom from identifying to thoughts and emotions (featuring performances by Mahasiddha, Massive Vibe Live, Golden Dragon Puppetry and the 5 Poisons/Potencies Masks by Sammy Hallett, Comedy by Fanny Fontaine, Music by Veda, Piano by Silvertortoise, Dance by Martha) 

@Fishponds (May 2017) ~ Auspicious Fishes dancing with Green Tara

@Ashton Court (May 2016) ~Golden Dragon and Phoenix

@Harbourside (Nov 2015)~ Golden Dragon

@Bristol Brandon Hill Tower (May 2015) ~ Potencies

@Bristol Brandon Hill Tower (May 2014)~ Potencies

@Bristol Harbour (Nov 2013)

Peace Show, Director of Dance Theatre Show representing the practice of the Nature of Mind

@Gloucester Road Cafe, Bristol (Oct 2011)

@Short Moments Center, Sweden (July 2011)

@Short Moments Center, Goa (Feb 2011)

@Magic Park, Directed by Kat Ballam and Victoria Grebesz, Direction of Physical Theatre Dream Scenes, (Featuring Rising Apalachian), Arambol, Goa (Feb 2009)


Forest Creatures, director for walkabout at Claire and Doug’s Wedding

@Hillyfield, Totnes (Aug 2010)


‘Stones Alive’, co-director for Physical Theatre Show Dancing how we dream to cast our perfect self into a stone rather then seeing it’s already on beauty

@Festival of Stone, Harbourside, Bristol, (April 2009)


‘Marriage Guidance’, Walkabout Interactive performance, Invisible Circus 

@The Fire Station, Bristol (Oct 2008)


Romeo and Juliet, Performer in Butoh Dance show directed by Su-en

@Upsala Theatre, (Nov 2007)


Inside Out, Director of Site Specific Dance/Theatre Show revealing how we really feel inside, performed in a flat:

@Dartington College of Arts, UK, MA Graduation Show, in High Street Flat (Sep 2007)

@Sophiensaale, Artists Residency Flat (Featuring Mitsu Salmon) Berlin (Feb 2007)

@Hermanplatz (Featuring Dmitry Paranyushkin) Berlin (Jan 2007)

@Berlinale, Berlin, ‘Inside Out’ Short Film Performance and Choreography (Featuring Dmitry Paranyushkin and Dani d’Emilia), Film Directed by Alex Forge (Jan 2007)


Cosmic Family, Performer and Deviser of Dark Physical Theatre Comedy with The Solvents (Featuring Klaus Kruse, Dani d’Emilia, Dmitry Paranyushkin)

@BAC Theatre, alongside with Documentary about Ed Fringe Tour Directed by Alex Forge (Oct 2006)

@Edinburgh Fringe, Underbelly, (5***** in the Metro), (Aug 2006) 

@Rome, Artists Residency (July 2006)

@featured at NSDF (National Student Drama Festival) *Won award for Versatility (May 2006) 

@The Ship of Fools, Amsterdam (Feb 2006)

@Dartington College of Arts, BA Graduation Show (June 2005)


Leviathan, Assistant Director for Site Specific Immersive Show revisiting Moby Dick’s story, Directed by Klaus Kruse

@featured at NSDF (National Student Drama Festival),  *Won award for Soundscape (May 2006)

@Foxhole, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, BA Graduation Show (June 2005)


Free Range, Deviser and Performer of Butoh inspired Dance/Theatre Mime Piece

@Dune de Pyla Campsite, wordless show under the stars (July 2006)

@Dartington College of Arts (2005)


You don’t want to help me, Solo dance/theatre show, devised with live music composed for the piece by Matt Black

@Dartington College of Arts, BA Graduation Show (June 2005)


Interactive Performance and Technology, (collaboration with Davy McGuire)

@Dartington College of Arts (Oct 2004)

Performance Work for Kids

Rinpoche’s Journey, Dzogchen Storytelling with puppetry and music (Featuring John Wright and Vlad Buxton)

@Family Area, Medicine Festival (Aug 20, 2023)

@Conscious Kids Field, All About Love Festival (Aug 4 & 5, 2023)

@Kids Story Tent, Buddhafield Festival (July 12-16, 2023)

@Dara Home Ed group yurt, the Hilly Field (Feb 2023)


My Sky-Like Mind, Dzogchen Storytelling for Kids (Featuring John Wright and Sam Marais)

@Kids Area, Lovington Festival (Sep 2022)

@Kids Area, Journey to the One, (Sep 2022)

@Conscious Kids Field, All About Love Festival (Aug 2022)

@Small World Stage and Kids Story Tent, Buddhafield Festival (July 2022)


See all previous Kids shows here


Illustrated by Celine Wright and Written by Ziji Rinpoche:

Rest is Best, self-published (Nov 2021)

Find Mind, self-published in ( Nov 2021)

Strong Mind, self-published in 2020, published by 'StoryPod (2022)

Where is Mind, self-published in 2020, published by 'StoryPod (2022)

Illustrated by Celine Wright and co-written by Celine Wright and Ziji Rinpoche:

Leo, Lucy and the Orange Solution, self-published (Nov 2022)

Always Open like Baby Skye, self-published (Nov 2018)

Ouch! Leo gets burnt and the sky doesn't fall down, self-published (Nov 2018)

Lucy's Choice, Happy Lane or Whiny Lane, self-published (Nov 2018)

Ben pot and the Stormy Feelings, self-published (Nov 2018)

Space Holding (Nature of Mind, Improvisation, Baby Shower, Women Retreat)

Short Moments Clarity Calls, Introduction to the Nature of Mind, based on the book Enlightened Life, 

@9.30am uk, Weekly Mondays, on Zoom (Aug 2020-ongoing)


Baby Shower Ceremony, Cacao and Red Thread Ceremony, Women Circle

@Bristol for an expecting mother (Feb 2024)


Harmonising Relationships with Ourselves and our Children, Dzogchen for Parents  (co-hosted by Toby Lewis and/or Henry Dingle)

@Family Area, Medicine Festival (Aug 18 &19, 2023)


The Synchronicity of Perfect Love, Introduction to Dzogchen for Adults (co-hosted by John Wright)

@Cosmic Connections, All About Love Festival (Aug 5, 2023)


Improvisation Class, (co-hosted with Butoh Dancer Frida)

@WIld Goose Space (March 2023)


Introduction to the Nature of Mind (co-hosted by Silfan Rhys Jones) 

@The Courtyard, Bristol (Feb 2023)


Introduction to Dzogchen (with mantra singing by John Wright)

@Children’s Fire Teepee, All About Love Festival (Aug 9, 2022)


Self Love Women Circle, Introduction to Dzogchen 

@Women’s Temple, Buddhafield Festival (July 15, 2022)


Women Retreat in Nature, Silent walks, Open Mic, Yoga, Dancing

@Brimpts Farm (March 2022)

Work Experience

SHORT MOMENTS— Certified Nature of Mind Trainer 

2018 - PRESENT 

Certified Trainer in the recognition of the Nature of Mind, according to the Dzogchen Short Moments teachings. Teaching weekly online and at retreat centres. Supporting participants as a personal trainer/coach. 


SHORT MOMENTS FOR KIDS LTD , Bristol — Founding Director and Manager 

2018 - PRESENT 

Co-author and illustrator of the Pearl Collection, Illustrator of Dzogchen books for kids the BeginningMind Series, authored by Ziji Rinpoche, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that led to an online bookstore here. Storyteller and workshop leader for children at schools and festivals. 


OFSTED, Bristol — Registered Childminder 

2009 - PRESENT 

Childcare Provider since 2009, Childminder since 2012 (EY443229) Rating GOOD. See Inspection reports here. Nature of Mind Teacher for Bright Montessori, Bristol. Kids age 0-10 


MASSIVE VIBE LIVE!, Uk, India, Sweden — Band Manager 

2015 - PRESENT
Dzogchen Music, lyrics be Queen Be! Operations and Band Manager when touring in Edinburgh, India, Uk 


SHORT MOMENTS, Bristol, Goa, Swe — Community Organiser 

2008 - PRESENT 

Community Organiser for ongoing meetings and bi-annual retreats in Bristol. Chef and childcare organiser for winter retreats in Goa. Volunteer Coordinator and Kitchen Coordinator at the Short Moments Center in Sweden for 2 months each summer, since 2008 and ongoing. 


THE SOLVENTS, Dartington College of Arts — Theatre Director and Deviser 

2002 - 2007 

Cofounding member of The Solvents performance collective, toured Europe. Devised Free Range, Cosmic Family (5***** review at Ed Fringe) Two shows were selected for N.S.D.F. in 2006, Received Best Soundscape Award, Best Versatility Award 


COMAE, Totnes — Support Worker
2002 - 2009
Supporting people with mental health conditions to find stability and joy 


CEMEA, Toulouse — Holiday Camp Leader (BAFA)
1998 - 2002
Holiday Camp and after school club set up and care, kids age 3-12 


LE QUETZAL, Montauban — Sous chef and Waitress 

1996 - 2002 

Sous-chef and waitress at family restaurant, supporting running and organisation of monthly Folk Club 

Education / Training

Short Moments— Education in Nature of Mind 


Studied Dzogchen with Ziji Rinpoche. Series of Teachings Completed: Twelve Empowerments, all Power of Benefit Teachings, Principles of Benefit and Service, Ongoing Transmissions, Ongoing Teacher Training since Sep 2018. 


Artists Way, Online — Creativity Course

JAN - APRIL 2022 and JAN - APRIL 2024

Studied in depth and practice the artists way Morning Pages and Weekly Artists Dates since 2022. Weekly meetups with my group for accountability. A life of creativity ensued!


Yogasara Studio, Bristol— 250 hours Yoga Teacher Training 

MAR 2023 -APR 2024 

Studying under senior teacher Sarah Harlow to become a Vinyasa Krama Yoga Teacher, incorporating mantra, movement medicine and meditation into yoga practice. 


Maria Montessori Institute, London— AMI Assistant Certificate 

APR - JUN 2020
Studied to become a teacher’s assistant with children 3-6 year olds in a Montessori Classroom. 


SNDD, School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam— Exchange Program

OCT - DEC 2005 (Full time)

Intensives in Yoga, Contact Improv, Choreography


Dartington College of Arts, Devon — MA(Hons), BA (Hons) 

OCT 2002 - OCT 2007 (Full time)

Specialised in Devised Theatre, Site Specific Work, Butoh and Directing. Toured Europe. Able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and find creative on the fly solutions for the show to go on. 


Extra Workshops/Training: 

  • Devising Bouffon and Grotesque, with Bim Mason, Bristol (March 2023)

  • Grotesque Woman, with Robyn Handbrook, (Nov 2022) 

  • Empowerments, Transmissions with Dzogchen Teacher Ziji Rinpoche (2007-Present)

  • Body Mind Centering, Berlin, (Aug 2007)

  • Butoh workshops/training with/Minako Seki (Berlin), Marie-Gabrielle Rotie (Lon, Totnes), Imre Thormann (Berlin), Olive Bieringa (Berlin), Su-en (Sweden) ~ (2003-2007)

  • Devised Theatre with/Forced Entertainment (2005)

  • Site Specific Theatre with/Sally Watkins (Oct-Nov 2005)


Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Toulouse, Fr — D.N.S.E.P (Post Graduate Diploma) + BA(Hons) in Fine Arts 

OCT 1998 - OCT 2002 

Studied a BA in Fine Arts (Diplome National d’Art Plastique) and 1 year of DNSEP.


Lycée Michelet, Montauban, France — Baccalauréat 

JUNE 1998
Main subjects: Philosophy, Arts and French Literature. Trilingual 





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