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Leeny Dakini Projects

The Last Egg: Dance Theatre Solo

A Dance/Theatre One-Woman-Show, dancing the fear of the wheel of time using a blend of lyrical Butoh Dance and Humouristic Grotesque. Each time of life, a new delivery: lipstick, glamorous clothes, a red cloth and eggs. The hero dances the humour of trying to disguise as a woman as a young maiden. As the cycles roll on, she is propelled through the flamenco drama of life- morphing from goddess to chicken as she performs the  dance of seduction, transforming into a haunting ghost when going through the disarray of miscarriage.  As menopause approaches she receives her last delivery: flower and incense. She embodies the fear of old age, sickness and death and pulls the viewer to face the avoidance of this topic in our western society. Through practicing short moments of meditation, she elegantly steps into surrendering to the wheel of time, coming back full circle, revealing the wisdom and exaltation of the age of the Crone. She goes through a ritual of greying her hair with flour and goes round to the spectators to also offer a streak of white to those who will dare to take it. 


Dakinis Walk-About

Wisdom Dakinis infiltrate Festivals to wake up its festival goers to the power of their mind, bringing them crazy wise teachings they can integrate in daily life to connect with their authentic self- and make beneficial change in the world.


They cast spells, test the punters and lure them in to see if they are ready to get all of their emotions transformed into wisdom at the Massive Vibe Transmission Show. 

Find out more here


Performance Work Archive / Training

My passion is performance art since I was 8 years old in 1988. I studied Ba Fine Arts in France, BA and MA Devised Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. Since discovering Dzogchen all my shows have been about eliciting the nature of mind- like in this pic from the Magical Mystery Tour through Bristol in 2016, where the dancer Martha learns to make friends with her Poisons/ Beneficial Potencies (Anger, Desire, Arrogance/Unworthiness, Pride, Jealousy/Envy). I make children’s books and storytelling on the same theme for kids too at Short Moments for Kids, have a look on the link here for my performance archive/ links to previous work 


Vajra Yoginis: Vinyasa Yoga for Women

Leeny Dakini and the Vajra Yoginis is a women yoga group. We meet in person on retreats, or in ad hoc classes and weekly online. 

I offer breath led krama vinyasa yoga flows in person and online. I love to move my body energies and allow them to deeply settle, through yoga, dance, meditation, chanting, making shrines and rituals that connect me to the universe.


These flows are dedicated to the wellbeing and mental stability of all beings, ourselves included. I hope you will enjoy them.

I am trained as a Krama Vinyasa yoga teacher (250 hours teacher training Yogasara, Bristol) and as a Nature of Mind teacher (Dzogchen disciple of Ziji Rinpoche from the Short Moments Lineage since 2007, and certified Short Moments teacher since 2018). 


Vajra Yoginis weekly online yoga class: every Tues 11:30am Uk. Fill the form here for zoom details


Find recorded flows on my YouTube page here


Budding Dakinis - Coming of Age Retreat

 ‘Budding Dakinis!’ Is out! A retreat for young women as they enter and begin their teens.. ages 12-14

When? Easter Holiday

From: Friday 5th April 6pm

To: Monday 8th April 6pm (3 nights)


It has been a long time in the gestation process and as I am slowly transitioning from the age of the all-giving mother to the age of the wise crone, I am getting pretty good at this thing called being a woman and having a rich and fulfilling inner spiritual, artistic and fun daily practice. Some tricks of the trade I would have loved to be shown as I was just coming of age! I remember being angry at my mother when I discovered yoga at 20, for not telling me of its existence before. How I would have loved to support my transforming body and emotions with all the new hormones, with this body/mind practice.  


We can’t get it all right all and we need a village to raise a human! So here I am, after supporting kids from 1-6 years old for the last 20 years, holding holiday camps for older kids, and mentoring many of them as they grow into young adults, I am ready to accompany girls as they come of age.


We will be improvising and designing the weekend with the girls and will spin off from this matrix of a schedule.


Our typical days will look like this:

9-10:30 Morning Yoga and Meditation

10:30 Prompts for reflective journal practice

11:00 nutritious brunch  

12:30-4:30 Afternoon adventures in nature (Collecting items to make a shrine by the beach, Collecting wood to make a fire, Forest walks, Nature mandalas, Land art, Capture the Flag and other games)

5:30 pm, Return to Celine’s home to rest (Bristol Long Ashton) Take turns preparing dinner in teams (Beach day: learn to cook on the fire)  

7pm: In the evenings we will have different events Fri: Opening Ceremony and Sharing Circle,

Sat: dress up and dance party with games (and/or cosy up by the fire with a selection of crafts),

Sun: Open Stage.


I look forward to hearing from you if you have anything you see we can do at our Budding Dakini retreats and if you’d like to book your teenager girl in!  Lots of love, Leeny Dakini 


My Sky Like Mind: Storytelling for Kids

I am trained as a childminder and love to teach kids about their Sky-Like Mind and how to be empowered with their Stormy Feelings. I make children’s books at Short Moments for Kids and I perform and read the stories at schools, festivals and hold online classes for kids. See more about our Kids Storytelling events here.

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