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Wisdom Dakinis Walkabout

Dakinis, embodying enlightened energy, bringing you the timeless wisdom teachings 

Wisdom Dakinis infiltrate BoomTown to wake up its citizens to the power of their mind, bringing them crazy wise teachings they can integrate in daily life to connect with their authentic self- and make beneficial change in the world; They cast spells, test the citizens and lure them in to see if they are ready to get all of their emotions transformed into wisdom at the Massive Vibe Transmission Show.


Performance art that elicits the nature of mind

We make performance art that elicits the nature of mind, being Dzogchen practitioners for 15 years. We are the Sky Dancers- Dakinis who like bees, flock to the Massive Vibe Show, for transmission and evocation, enlivening our powers to bring about beneficial change. Massive Vibe will be playing in a hidden venue at BoomTown, performing lyrics written by Queen Be!, the Queen of Being 

‘Don’t look for Queen and King Be! They’re looking through you!’


The show always has Dakinis on and off stage, bringing the immersive experience of show to life.

The Wisdom Dakinis

Meet a Wisdom Dakini

The Dakinis will be roaming the different quarters in search for those people who are open to pure evocation of the nature of their mind. Through the power of play and imagination we invite the audience to pretend to meet a goddess in human form, and open up to their wisdom teachings. 


Enlivened by plant medicine, high on the good cheer of the festival ~ the perfect concoction for people to actually open up to relaxing and grounding their body energies enough so that they can perceive the self-kept secret of the Dzogchen teachings of enlightenment.

The dakinis will each perform and interact with the audience in their personal styles and every so often they will rise in synchronicity.

Mood board - costumes and body paint

Integrate what the Dakini showed you

The Dakinis will introduce a simple practice of resting the mind for short moments many times to transform emotions into wisdom. Each dakini has a special power, which gives her the key to unlock unique hearts. 


People will come out of being lost in misery, in an undermutter of doom and gloom, or on a roller coaster of incessant arrogance flipping to unworthiness, to being open and relaxed, knowing they’re inherently perfect as they are. Free to come forth with love and compassion, contributing their special flavour & talent to the world.